Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Review: ‘Feel Good Factor’ Constitutes DNA & Soul of This Show!

In the midst of the pattern of powerful and fanciful shows, Sony TV is carrying appears with leap forward substance and social causes. Be it Patiala Babes, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai or Ladies Special, every one of them have a crisp idea and comprise happy watch. Sony’s recently propelled show Ishaaron Mein too is an invigorating cut of-life story featuring Mudit Nayar ahead of the pack job. The show spins around the life of a youthful person named Yogi who is hard of hearing and quiet, however lives like an ordinary person and takes a gander at existence with an inspirational frame of mind.

Here’s a little examination of the show which may assist you with deciding what’s in store from the show…


The show begins with acquainting us with Yogi’s family that comprises of his mom, father, two senior siblings, their spouses, a more youthful sister and grandparents. A standard working class family with characters as various as chalk and cheddar is the manner by which the family is acquainted with us. The scene begins with Yogi’s dad getting out his name as he had approached him to purchase a razor for him, yet turns out he isn’t at home yet, which thus makes him enraged. He gets out everybody at home to discover where Yogi is and shockingly everybody conceals for him, which unmistakably demonstrates the amount he is adored.

Before long we are acquainted with Yogi who is playing football in the ground. When his dad becomes acquainted with about it, he takes his bike and heads towards him, shouting out his name however Yogi is caught up with figuring an approach to score an objective and bam! The ball hits his dad. The following scene returns us to home where everybody is as yet attempting to conceal for him. This is the point at which we become acquainted with that Yogi has hearing impairity, however interestingly, he drives an exceptionally typical life, he plays, works at his dad’s electrical shop, goes to the market to purchase things; everything that an ordinary person does.

Later in the primary scene, we are acquainted with the way that his mom is stressed over Yogi’s marriage and Yogi also needs to get hitched.


Mudit Nayar has completed a marvelous activity as the lead Yogesh otherwise known as Yogi. He is easy and common in the scenes. His sweet grin will win your heart. It is difficult to play a hard of hearing and quiet person, particularly when you’re playing the lead character of the show and have no exchanges, yet pats on the back to Mudit for pulling it off great.

Rest of the supporting cast including entertainers Swati Shah, Kiran Karmarkar, Sulbha Arya and Sudhir Pandey have worked superbly as well. They all resemble a family and that is the best thing about it.

Bearing and Cinematography:

We cherish the manner in which they acquainted us with the family, it was extremely easygoing yet common stream starting with one individual then onto the next and at last, we are acquainted with Yogi like a legend, who is playing football and rises as a friend in need who wins the counterpart for his group. A very much idea scene, we’d state.

Screenplay and Background Score:

The screenplay is tight and locks in. There are no unbalanced quiets, in spite of the lead entertainer being hard of hearing and quiet. The producers have not utilized a great deal of specialized communication through signing, it is kept typical and justifiable for the group of spectators. The utilization of great Bollywood melodies like Saamne Ye Kaun Aaya Dil Mein Hui Hulchul goes truly well with the topic of the show.


Yogi’s entrance was unquestionably a high point in the show, it presented a ton of things about him. Aside from his entrance, the scene where he supports his mom that he is the best man pulled our heartstrings.


On the off chance that you need a break from all the unusual and unconventional powerful shows on TV, Ishaaron Mein is an ideal redirection. The show has a specific vibe great factor in it and it is the sort of show you would need to watch with your family over supper. The storyline can’t be made a decision about right now as it is too soon, yet the plot line is unquestionably new and wonderful. They have done whatever it takes not to pick up compassion toward the character, in actuality have standardized it and it’s an incredible change.