It’s OFFICIAL! Ekta Kapoor will be going to the FIFA World Cup 2018 with a SPECIAL pass

For all the football fans out there, I know you all are actually gnawing your nails off, as we anticipate to see who will win the Champions League, now that we have the finalists set.

Be that as it may, there is the greatest occasion of footballing world coming in and starting one month from now, which is the FIFA World Cup 2018. This time around, the competition will happen in Russia and obviously, the fervor is at its pinnacle.

And keeping in mind that huge numbers of them are as of now getting their plans arranged to visit Russia for the World Cup, there is one individual who has just got her go for the competition with her.

What’s more, that is none other than TV czarina, Ekta Kapoor. Truly! Ekta has gotten her exceptional go to the FIFA World Cup 2018 and will visit Russia for the same. She displayed it and for what reason not-

Ekta, I need to let you know. I am as desirous as anybody can ever be. Is there anything you can’t do and get? Anyway, congrats on it!

I will simply be sitting home and viewing the World Cup on TV till at that point!