Jamai Raja SPOILER: How Will Satya Save Mahi From Aleena’s Accident Case?

Zee TV’s popular primetime soap Jamai Raja is leaving no stones unturned in keeping the viewers hooked to the show. In the previous episodes, Mahi accidentally kills Aleena in a car accident. Mahi is in a shock, but Satya (Ravi Dubey) tries to console her. Later, Satya tells Payal that he had hidden Aleena’s body.

Mahi is guilt-stricken. In the last episode, Satya insists Mahi to come for the Christmas party, but she refuses. Later, she joins him for the party. During the party, a little girl gives a gift for Mahi. An overwhelmed Mahi opens the gift, only to find a scarf.

She is puzzled and recalls Aleena’s death. When Mahi questions the little girl as to who as sent the gift, she points at Aleena! Mahi turns to see Aleena and is shocked! She faints and Satya takes care of her. When Mahi gains consciousness, she tells Satya about the incident. Satya pacifies her, by saying that Aleena is dead. Later that night, when Mahi is sleeping,

Aleena tries to suffocate Mahi and she wakes up in shock. In the upcoming episodes, a guilt-stricken Mahi will feel that Aleena’s spirit is haunting her. Satya will be sad upon seeing Mahi’s condition. As per the latest spoiler, Satya would have hidden the body at a resort in Goa. As per the latest spoiler, the Police will arrive at the resort to find the body. But, Satya will somehow manage to rescue Mahi. How will Satya save Mahi from the accident case? Stay tuned to know…