Jennifer Winget, Ram Kapoor & Ashish Chowdhry come together for something SPECIAL

On numerous occasions, we run over examples about our darling TV celebs being totally real to life and spreading the affection via web-based networking media towards their counterparts.

What’s more, when a wonder such as this happens, the fans really want to envision and envision as the sheer visual delight that they would get in the event that they really meet and talk.

Rarely does that happen, however when it does, it most likely is a treat. Also, that happened just as of late when stalwart on-screen characters like Ram Kapoor, Jennifer Winget, and Ashish Chowdhry met up under one rooftop.

Indeed! Believe it or not. Jennifer, Ram, Ashish, their families and Sumona Chakravarti as of late arranged a social gathering and the insignificant enjoyable to the same is the manner by which they were arranging this for very nearly multi year now.

Obviously, what took after was a great deal of stunning talks, fun and some essential minutes

We wouldn’t see any problems if this happens significantly more regularly, would it say it isn’t?