Junooniyatt: Major drama in Elahi & Ranjeet’s Roka ceremony

Colors’ recently launched show ‘Junooniyatt’ is getting all the love. The initial episode looked promising and audiences are loving to see Jahaan, Elahi and Jordan start their new journey to win a musical competition.

It’s already seen how during the Holi celebrations, Jordan will put color on Elaahi and how Ranjith will manipulate Biji and convince her to marry Elahi with him.

In tonight’s episode, at a local dhaba, Jordan’s friends try to lift his spirits, but he can’t shake off the weight of Elahi’s situation after the Holi incident. Frustration builds, and Jordan punches Sunny when he taunts him before driving away in anger in his jeep. Meanwhile, Jahaan tries to find work and asks Dharmendra what can be done to help Elahi. Dharmendra shares stories from Elahi’s childhood with Jahaan. Ranjeet arrives at Elahi’s home, and Dadi welcomes him, but Dharmendra can only watch sadly from the window. Husna sneaks into the house and advises Elahi to run away to a relative’s place, but Elahi refuses.

She believes that Amar might help her, and she doesn’t want to be compared to her mother or prove her Dadi wrong. Husna takes Elahi to Amardeep’s room, where Elahi sees her father lying drunk on the floor. Overwhelmed, Elahi starts crying, feeling helpless and alone. During the roka ceremony, Elahi sits next to Ranjeet, and she begins to hyperventilate as she realizes he is the same man who molested her before.

Watch out this space to know more about the upcoming track.