Karan and Rohan switch roles in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The continuous track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is high on show, as Karan has been shot and is engaging for life in the emergency clinic. In this manner, he turns into a constructive individual and supports the Bhalla family, though Rohan turns negative.

Ruhi, Raman, and Aliya surge Karan to clinic after the shooting occurrence. Ruhi additionally expresses gratitude toward Karan for sparing her. Karan feels great that he has helped Ruhi, and they trade an adoring look.

Ruhi understands that Karan has improved. Rohan sees this and asks Karan deliver retribution against the Bhallas. He asks Karan to counterfeit love and exploit Ruhi.

Karan is stunned to hear that Rohan has conflicted with the Bhalla family. What’s more, he has gone gaga for Ruhi and needs to spend an amazing remainder with her.

It will intrigue perceive how the Bhalla family responds to this change in Rohan and Karan.