Karan V Grover of Udaariyaan: Our narrative is traditional but TV is not regressive, it is very progressive

Karan V Grover, who is currently seen in Udaariyaan, has definitely been in the news for his portrayal of Angad and his performance in the show. The actor, who has always been one with a unique stand point and a perspective, has always known his way around work, has an understanding of TV, and more.

When India Forums spoke to him a while ago about stereotypes that exist on television and to what extent does he believe is that content progressive, his answer was a testimony to the aforementioned fact.

He told us,

”We might show some conservativeness in terms of our making, and it might happen that we show females wearing more Indian outfits, and it might happen that the husband and wife behave differently, but tell me one show where the female does not win and loses instead. I truly believe in this and this is a question for everyone having this concern. Whatever her struggle is, could be a struggle for her kids, her husband, her career, her parents, health, etc, doesn’t she come out a winner by the end of it? Everytime she comes out a winner, how is that not progressive when a woman is winning? Actual regression is when we show a woman is losing and we show that her efforts, and hard work is not working. Between our jobs, when we talk about feminism, to equal rights, to whatever, when we talk about equality, it means having equal opportunities to do what you do, and when you do something, you should be credited for it, and that is happening.”

He adds,

”Television has maximum number for female protagonists, makers, directors, and it is showing stories to the heartline of India, maybe people in cities like Delhi, Mumbai are watching OTT, and I am not denying that, but our belief systems haven’t changes. Today too, people take bytes for Karwa Chauth, and they aren’t 100 years old, and the same Karwa Chauth if we show on TV, and traditional formats and music, people think this is regressive. I don’t think TV is regressive, it is very progressive, because no matter what, the women’s hard work and commitment always wins. And, it only inspires women to take the right stand, or to take the most unified stand, wherever she takes a stand. Yes, our narrative is a lot more traditional but we are showing progressive lineup of shows.”

Udaariyaan, meanwhile, also features Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Choudhary, and Isha Malviya in the lead roles.