Kawach Mahashivratri: Kapil tries to shoot Angad but Sandhya rescues him while getting shot herself

Hues’ frightfulness spine chiller Kawach Mahashivratri is giving its watchers some restless evenings with the sensational nail-gnawing scenes. Truth be told, to call the show emotional would be putting it mildly. There is such a great amount of occurring in the show at the present time, the puzzling lady who continues frequenting Sandhya will uncover her actual self as Sandhya’s twin sister and her carbon copy. In the interim, the Kapil circumstance has left hand as his reality of having Angad and controlling him to cause a disaster area in Sandhya’s family has been uncovered. It resembles an open war now among Sandhya and Kapil and we’re energized for the enormous confrontation.

All things considered, we have solely been revealing about the up and coming tracks of the show and here we are with some increasingly up and coming data about the continuous storyline. As indicated by our sources, in up and coming scenes Kapil will control Rishi’s (Vijay Badlaani) psyche and body to shoot Angad yet so as to spare him Sandhya comes in the middle of and gets shot before everybody. When she gets shot, Angad surges her to the medical clinic, where he finds reality that it was all Kapil’s underhanded arrangement. Kapil traps Anagad and cuts the Rudraksha Mala from Sandhya’s neck which goes about as a wellbeing string and consequently undermines Angad to discard his Rudraksha Mala in the event that he needs Sandhya to live.

Presently will Angad discard his Rudraksha Mala to spare Sandhya’s life? To get all the more such updates, continue perusing this space.