Khalid Siddiqui: Being a single father has helped me connect to Mariam Khan – Reporting Live

On-screen character Khalid Siddiqui, who is found in the show Mariam Khan, discusses how he associates with the show, what he searches for in his profession and how he loosens up with his children.

What are the noticeable demonstrates that you have done before?

Dream Girl on Life OK, Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus… I have done appearances in Swabhimaan, Piya Albela on Zee TV.

Toss light on your job in Mariam Khan. Is there something special about your job? How might you associate with your job?

I have two children and more often than not I have constantly played a dad on screen and Mariam Khan Reporting live is an account of a dad and a little girl’s relationship. It is about the qualities that a dad provides for his little girl and how for the little girl, her dad is a superhuman, her beginning and end. Since I have two children and being a single parent, I have been dealing with the children from such quite a while, so I can without much of a stretch associate with Mariam Khan moreover.

What are the noticeable movies you have done? Which were your most loved jobs?

I have done Joggers Park, Ghajini and Apaharan and couple of individual movies like Ho Sakta Hain and Riwaayat. Ghajini was a decent ordeal since I worked with Aamir Khan I played his own supervisor and we shot for 20 days together. It was a significant ordeal and that has been my most loved film.

Despite the fact that I have filled in as an on-screen character, regardless I view myself as a model since demonstrating has dependably been my first love as I began my vocation as a model. Ghajini gave me acknowledgment, individuals recollect me from the film, similar to nowadays individuals recall me as Mariam Khan’s Abbu. Promoting has dependably been my top choice, my strong point.

Which medium do you discover additionally fascinating TV or movies?

Commercials will dependably remain my first love, TV and movies both are intriguing in their own particular manner. Like in TV, you are acting each day, consistently you are showing signs of improvement, dealing with your acting abilities and gaining some new useful knowledge. You play a specific character each day so you experience the character, you don’t need to chip away at it consistently.

You practice lines and eventually, the lines come consequently. It’s a lovely medium where you take a shot at yourself consistently. Movies, obviously, have their very own appeal where you work for a specific period, you possess energy for different things and after that you proceed onward to an alternate venture, you get the opportunity to play an alternate character. It’s a superb medium also.

You have dependably been low profile what was the reason?

I was a contemplative person and was media timid. This is the reason I have constantly stayed under the radar. When I previously began promoting, I was watchful that I wasn’t overexposed or complete a great deal of advertisements with the goal that I get excessively known. In the event that you stay under the radar, your profession continues for quite a while which contact wood has worked. In the meantime, popularity likewise didn’t make a difference much to me. I was carrying on with my own life upbeat, being content with myself.

In this way, the entire thought is notoriety is a criteria to get more work isn’t valid. I have been working for my entire life, I have never been out of work or out of employment aside from 2 or 3 months other than that I have dependably been working. I don’t think that its applicable to accumulate greater attention for reasons unknown. I have been upbeat in my skin and I never wanted to be more popular, neither do I have that insatiability. On the off chance that I get up tomorrow morning and see that individuals don’t have any acquaintance with me, it would not have any kind of effect to me. What is important to me are my loved ones, they have been cherishing me and they continue adoring me. I am content with that I don’t need anything over that.

What sort of jobs would you like to?

I have never imagined that I will just play such characters as I played in Piya Albela. At that point, I played a positive character which at that point turned negative in Saath Nibhana Saathiya. I don’t have settled criteria that I need to play a specific character. In any case, whatever character comes to me and I think that its intriguing and the general population are pleasant to work with, I do it. I am not exceptionally finicky about the jobs but rather it must be individual.

Where do you see yourself quite a while from now?

I don’t see myself anyplace in next 5 years. I live at the time and I trust that God has dealt with me generally and he will deal with me later on as well. I have submitted myself totally to the desire of God. I don’t realize what will occur later on. Most likely, what I need quite a while from now is to remain sound and fit.

How would you loosen up after hard days work?

While I am working, making a trip to work or when I am at home with children, I need music playing in my experience. I get a kick out of the chance to peruse books on sufism. I jump at the chance to play with my children following a difficult day’s worth of effort. Actually, each of the three of us sit, talk and have a considerable measure of fun.