Kumkum Bhagya actress Tripti Shankhdhar returns home post assurance from father; Talks about what went through

Kumkum Bhagya actressTripti Shankhdhar has been in the news as of late after her recordings took over online media. In the video, the entertainer talked about her dad, Ram Ratan Shankhdar, supposedly thumping her and that she needed to seek refuge alongside her relatives after the said episode. While the entertainer has now concealed those recordings, she proceeded to uncover in an ongoing meeting how they are on the whole back home after her dad guaranteed them of not laying a hand on her once more. She added how she has addressed him and has likewise made him sign a letter before the police and in the event that he happens to rehash the misstep, he will be fined. Furthermore, she likewise uncovered how he has guaranteed her to not prevent her from going to Mumbai.

Tripti visited Bareilly back in February for Holi festivities, be that as it may, the lockdown later, prevented her from coming back to Mumbai later. Discussing the night when she fled home, she was hit by her dad on declining to get hitched. At the point when she said she would not like to get hitched, he lost his cool and whipped her, while likewise taking steps to execute her and his sibling in the event that he attempted to meddle. It was the point at which her dad sat for Puja, she alongside different individuals chose to flee.

Tripti additionally talked about the whole occurrence and described how she dialed up 112 for insurance as she knew he was on a post for them. She further uncovered how she looked for help a year ago as well, yet without much of any result and it was after thought that she dialed 112. She describes, ”I figure I made the best choice by discussing it and posting it via online media. I transferred the video looking for help. The police acted the hero and we went to the police headquarters. They needed us to go with them to my dad, which we can’t. We were set up at a haven home, an ashram close to the police headquarters for the evening. My dad was removed by the police and delivered on Wednesday evening.”

In the interim, she likewise talked about concealing the recordings and expressed how the goal was to look for help and once she did, she shrouded them. She included how she doesn’t need individuals to watch them over and again and expect that it is for exposure.