Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Pragya & Abhi Come Face To Face; King Singh Gets To Know About Pragya’s Past!

The creators of Kumkum Bhagya are keeping the watchers stuck to the show with the most recent turns. Pragya and Abhi, who have gone separate ways, have a few hit and miss minutes. In the past scene, we saw with reference to how Pragya spares Abhi from the psychological militant, who was going to shoot him! Abhi faculties Pragya’s quality and feels she had spared him, however neglects to see her. Pragya and Abhi Come Face To Face In the forthcoming scene, at last, Pragya and Abhi meet, as Abhi and King Singh’s families meet! In any case, the curve here is, King will present Pragya as his significant other, to Abhi! Lord Introduces Pragya As His Wife This will leave Abhi shell-stunned. He will be broken as he supposes Kiara is King and Pragya’s little girl. Pragya as well, will be left confused as she won’t have the capacity to enlighten King concerning Abhi! Lord Confronts Pragya King feels suspicious about them and stands up to Pragya. He gets some information about her past, on the off chance that she met her ‘Mumbai wala beau’ (that is the thing that he calls as he doesn’t know Pragya’s better half’s name). Be that as it may, she won’t uncover anything. Ruler Singh Gets To Know About Abhi and Pragya’s Past According to the most recent spoiler, King will figure out how to get the insights about Pragya’s past and gets some answers concerning Abhi and Pragya past. This will abandon him crushed. He Doesn’t Want To Lose Pragya and Kiara King wouldn’t like to lose Pragya and Kiara as he adores them a great deal. He deals with Kiara like his little girl. (We found in the last scene with reference to how he got strained when psychological oppressors assaulted Kiara’s school.) Abhi Becomes King’s Big Enemy! Also, Abhi has turned into a ‘major’ foe to King – while prior it was proficient hatred, now, he feels assaulted by and by too. So he will endeavor to thump him out of their life! What will King do? Will Abhi become more acquainted with that Kiara is his little girl? Will Pragya and Abhi ever rejoin? Stay bolted to this space for the most recent updates.