Kumkum Bhagya: When will Pragya accomplish her Mission Impossible ???

There seems to be no end to the repetitive drama in Kumkum Bhagya.

Tanu and Aaliya trap Abhi once again and Purab – Pragya once again save them. That’s exactly what happened when Tanu spiked Abhi’s drink, Abhi landed in jail followed by Pragya and Purab rushing to rescue the man.

With Abhi getting drunk, it looks like Pragya and Abhi have challenged each other to test limits of getting drunk and going insane… and this time after Pragya releases Abhi from jail, she will take him to a nearby Dhaba to grab a meal.

The storyline is not that great but if you are a mad fan of the lead couple of the show – Abhi and Pragya, you’ll be in for a special treat!

Abhi is drunk and Pragya will be seen taking care of him followed by a few knok-jhoks. She will also feed Abhi a meal while he will make fun of other people at the Dhaba. The two will be seen coming close again and this time Abhi will express what he truly feels about Pragya.

After all of this, the show will hit back to square one with Tanu convincing Abhi to get married as soon as possible!

What we cannot understand is that why is Pragya not telling Abhi what all happened? If she so wants to win Abhi back, Is she so dumb that she needs to beat around the bush for every situation in life which has to be tackled urgently?