Kumkum Bhagya written update August 11, 2017: Alia tells Abhi she wants to marry Purab

In the most recent refresh of Kumkum Bhagya, Alia is seen considering Purab and approach to get hitched to him. She begins thinking about the old gone days when they used to date each other and remain glad in each other’s organization.


Kumkum Bhagya composed refresh August 10, 2017: Purab hits Sangram Singh

Tanu comes in the room and begins conversing with her about how to make their best course of action to make Abhi abhor Pragya. Alia discloses to Tanu that she couldn’t care less if Abhi abhors Pragya or not and is as of now focusing on Purab and how to win him back and get settled with him.

She at that point goes to her sibling’s room and converses with him about her longing of getting hitched to Purab. Abhi isn’t excessively satisfied, making it impossible to tune in to this and says that he is no toy she can play with and her demonstrations wouldn’t work with him.

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Then, Purab is see considering what to do with Sangran Singh, who is lying oblivious in the washroom. He considers if wearing his garments and getting hitched to Disha in his place. At that point he begins considering Bulbul and says to himself that he is fouling up as he can’t love any other person than Bulbul. His appearance in the mirror at that point helps him to remember the last guarantee he made to Bulbul and he goes out with Sangram’s goons to the mandap.

Purab tries to give a clue to Disha that it is him and not Sangram Singh sitting with him. At the point when Pandit ji requests that at that point keep their hands in each other’s hand Disha understands that it is not Sangram’s hands as they were very harsh.

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