Kundali Bhagya: Sanjay Gagnani aka Prithvi’s Entry to Cause ‘Rang Mein Bhang’ For Luthras?

Sanjay Gagnani a.k.a Prithvi is good to go to come back to Kundali Bhagya this Holi. Following a nonappearance of two months, Prithvi (who was on an excursion for work) will go into the Luthra house where the Holi festivities are going on.

So nobody sees, he will put shading over his face and see what precisely has unfolded since the time he left and afterward, he’ll begin arranging his moves. Anticipate that a ton of dramatization should follow in Kundali Bhagya with Prithvi’s arrival.

Discussing the equivalent, Sanjay Gagnani uncovered, “Returning to Kundali Bhagya following two months is energizing. In the show, it was indicated that Prithvi is away and nobody realized that he will be back in Holi. Actually, I feel that it is ideal time to get back in light of the fact that a great deal of show occurs around Holi.

Many individuals have been asking me where is Prithvi, we miss all the enjoyment and dramatization, however the track was changing and I feel it has truly helped the show significantly. Presently, I am returning with a blast. While I wasn’t shooting, I got time to get ready for my sibling’s wedding and I was likewise going for different shows, working out, figuring out how to move, playing crate ball.

Chiefly I got time to invest quality energy with my family and I felt it was the best thing ever! Presently, I am back with all new vitality and I guarantee my fans a great deal of activity, fun and amusement. The spring of gushing lava Prithvi Malhotra is fit to be ‘Rang mein Bhang’ this Holi.”

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