Kunwar Amarjeet Singh: There is no female lead in my upcoming large short film!

Attractive Kunwar Amarjeet Singh, who rose to notoriety as Ray in Dil Dosti Dance is good to go to be a piece of an exploratory venture. Kunwar will be found in a short film probably named Niyati. In spite of the fact that odds are that the film may get an English title. The short film additionally star famous on-screen character Mukesh Tiwari otherwise known as Vasooli Bhai.

We contacted Kunwar Amarjeet Singh to find out about the film.

What is the short film about?

It is a huge short film as it is a 40 minute long film. Mukesh Tiwari is my co-star in the film. The story is around two individuals, meeting up and attempting to endure. The story further goes with their gathering and what occurs between them.

We heard it is a science fiction film, Is it?

This motion picture is one of its own sort. For the most part science fiction and time travel is engaged with the film. A great deal of illustrations and VFX is utilized really taking shape. There is no female lead in the film.

How could you plan for the job?

It is an altogether different job for me as till now I have been an artist or a sentimental legend, however at this point in this short film I needed to truly push my limits as there were no cool kid look or extravagant garments or move included. So I needed to buckle down for the job however I truly delighted in it.

What did you have as a primary concern while making the short film?

The essayist and chief of the film are my own understudies, when I was a move instructor. The purpose behind making this film was to contact the correct group of onlookers and raise changed stuff in the business as it is an exceptionally focused world out there. We needed to exhibit our ability.

When would we be able to anticipate that the film should discharge?

The film is nearly done and prepared for the feature. Simply last things are getting settled now.The motion picture will discharge one month from now.