Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali: Mandar tries to get romantic with Pallavi leaving Raghav furious

Star Plus show ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Raghav disguising himself as cook Swapnil and entering Deshmukh house to protect Pallavi and finding proofs against Mandar. Meanwhile Sunny and Keerti are trying hard to separate Pallavi and Raghav.

In the upcoming episode, Mandar finds Swapnil (Raghav) with a microphone in his hand. He asks him about it. Raghav gets furious. Mandar asks him to look down but Raghav doesn’t budge. Rama comes there and covers up for Raghav stating that apart from being dumb, Swapnil is deaf as well and that’s why he uses a microphone. Mandar makes fun of Swapnil’s disabilities and tells him to stay in his limits as he is just a servant.

Raghav gets aggressive. Farhad meets him and asks him to calm down. Raghav sees Pallavi and calms himself. He decides to tease Pallavi. He makes a heart gesture towards Pallavi. Sulochana feels it’s for her. Pallavi scold Swapnil but Sulochana sides him.

Sunny asks Keerti to get Raghav’s signature on the divorce papers. Keerti denies stating that she can not cheat her brother like this. Sunny manipulates her and tells her that Jaya and Raghav have made her profile on matrimonial site and wants her to get married to someone else as soon as possible. Keerti refuses to believe it. Sunny asks her to confront her mother. Keerti does the same and finds out that Jaya made her profile. They get into an argument and Keerti decides that she will separate Pallavi and Raghav.

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Mandar tries to get cozy with Pallavi and forcefully gets close to her. She gets uncomfortable and that’s when Raghav pours hot soup on Mandar’s hand. Raghav gets a call from Keerti stating that Amma is unwell. Raghav rushes to his mansion only to find Jaya fit and fine. Raghav lash out at Keerti for her childhood behavior.

At Deshmukh house, Mansi reprimands Rama for the food he made. Mandar tells him to call Swapnil. Rama panics as Raghav is not around. Raghav rushes to reach back to Deshmukh house.

Furthermore, Raghav and Pallavi share romantic moments. The duo are set to get a roof against Mandar.