Mere Sai actor Abeer Soofi would love to play an aggressive role

Performing artist Abeer Soofi says subsequent to playing the “tranquil” part of Sai Baba in a TV appear, he might want to depict a “forceful” character.

“I have instituted different parts like negative, political and comic. This is the first occasion when that I’m assuming such a tranquil part and I’m adoring it,” Abeer says.

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“Soon, I would love to assume a forceful part. On occasion, being an on-screen character I do get terrified to play Sai Baba as it is anything but difficult to get contracted to a specific form and perhaps, I could stall out in comparable reverential parts. Yet, when I take a gander at all the adoration and worship from our crowds, I overlook all the pressure in a moment,” he included.

His fans have been likewise pouring him with birthday wishes.

“My fans have been calling me and asking by means of messages and online networking about my decision of cake as they would need to convey it to the set for me,” said Abeer, who will turn a year more established on Sunday.

“I generally praise my birthday with family and companions. This year I am shooting for ‘Minor Sai’ along these lines, I don’t know whether I will get time for any festival. In the event that I am ready to take out time, I will celebrate with my fans and companions,” he included.