Mohit Malik On His Walk The Plank Stunt: ‘This Stunt Turned Things Around For Me In Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’

Mohit Malik will forever remember his latest stunt on Khatron Ke Khiladi 12, because he credits it for getting him out of a slump. He revealed, “Prior to this stunt coming my way, my graph had kind of gone down unfortunately. I was unable to win my stunts and I had also injured my hand. I remember I was feeling very low that day. I was missing Ekbir, Addite and my family and I had to push myself really hard to do stunts. I was also starting to feel like going back home. The only thing that kept me going was that one instinct to win this for Ekbir. I remember speaking to Addite and my family, who motivated me to keep going and not give up after coming this far. A few people in the crew also came up to me, said a few words of encouragement because they knew I wasn’t up for it. I received a much needed pep talk from everyone around me, even Rohit Sir came to me to pep me up. And then I went for the stunt.”

The stunt required the contestants to balance on two podiums, and release a switch, after which they are required to jump off it. And Mohit had an exhilarating experience doing it. He explained, “I was up against Faisu who did the stunt in a very short span of time. I usually take my time doing stunts and everyone keeps telling me to be mindful of the balance between time and speed. When I saw Faisu’s performance, I was a little worried. But something in me had changed.”

“This day, I was not afraid of losing the stunt and just went for it. I was very fearless this day and that was very important and it worked for me wonderfully. I was not afraid of either falling or failing and I ended up beating Faisu by a mere 5-6 seconds. I managed to stump everyone on the sets. I felt like I was back in the game and this brought back my confidence,” Mohit added.

“This stunt was a lovely one for me. And also a very memorable one from my journey. But this was the stunt that changed everything for me,” he concluded.