Naagin 3’s Karishma Tanna: I am ok with kissing if the scene demands it

On-screen character Karishma Tanna’s Naagin 3 is on air and as of now picking up a ton of consideration from the watchers. She is likewise going to include in Ekta Kapoor’s show Qayamat Ki Raat and her fans couldn’t be more cheerful and amped up for the same. In an elite meeting with, Karishma discusses her undertakings she is chipping away at and numerous other fascinating things.

What influenced you to state yes to Ekta Kapoor’s Qayamat Ki Raat?

To be exceptionally straight to the point then it is Balaji. Ekta Kapoor’s great association with me influenced me to state yes to this extend. It is a limited show, additionally in the event that I am returning after quite a while then I will get a kick out of the chance to do some quality work.

You are doing the two shows, Naagin 3 and Qayamat Ki Raat, them two have a place with a similar class. Is this something that you generally needed to do, or would you say you are satisfied with saas-bahu adventure?

This class content is what’s offering, that is the thing that gathering of people like. For saas-bahu adventure, there is not a lot for me to play. I wouldn’t fret accomplishing something like a sentimental romantic tale along the lines of DDLJ.

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How is the experience of functioning with Vivek Dahiya in the show?

I am fortunate to have a decent co-star like Vivek. When I met him on the sets, at that point came to realize that the two of us are entertaining, carefree and are loaded with vitality. When I am laboring for 12 hours then I require somebody like him, who is happy and appreciates shooting.

Creators need to make demonstrates like the ones that are made abroad, how is Qayamat Ki Raat unique in relation to others?

Qayamat Ki Raat’s substance is extraordinary, not a similar substance that that gathering of people is accustomed to seeing. To the extent global substance is concerned, creators have taken a stab at making it however it has neglected to produce TRPs. For the Indian group of onlookers, we require saas-bahu adventures or dramatization driven substance for TRP to check.

You have done numerous shows with Ekta Kapoor, has it happened whenever that she offered you a part, and you dismissed it?

Fortunately this has never transpired, at whatever point she moved toward me for the show, I have dependably said yes to it.

What reaction would you say you are getting for Naagin 3?

I am getting an astounding reaction. The crowd is adoring it. I was just there in the main scene; I will continue going back and forth in the show.

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On the off chance that both your shows contend with each other, which one will stay near your heart?

Both will stay near my heart. As a performing artist, I can’t pick a specific as my top choice.

How agreeable would you say you are with on-screen kissing?

I am extremely alright with on-screen kissing if the scene requests it, if not, at that point I will dismiss it.

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