Did Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife make him withdraw his memoir An Ordinary Life?

Nawazuddin Siddiqui unsettled many plumes with his disputable diary, An Ordinary Life.

It began with admissions of an additional conjugal undertaking with his Miss Lovely co-star Niharika Singh. He discussed how their relationship started after she welcomed him over for supper one night and opened the entryway wearing false hide. “I, being the robust town hick that I am, scooped her up in my arms and set out straight toward the room,” Nawazuddin’s book perused.

An infuriated Niharika hammered the performing artist for not taking her assent and in addition “creating stories and controlling a transient relationship”. She likewise said that he had avoided her that he had a spouse, when they were seeing someone.

Not long after from that point forward, Nawazuddin’s first sweetheart Sunita Rajwar lashed out at him for his “phenomenal untruths”. The performing artist had, in his book, asserted that he “dove into profound, profound despondency” after Sunita finished their relationship suddenly, most likely in light of the fact that she needed a wealthier and more effective man.

Looked with fire, Nawazuddin issued an expression of remorse and chose to pull back his book. On the off chance that a report in Deccan Chronicle is anything to pass by, his significant other was the purpose for this move.

A source is cited as saying, “It wasn’t a simple choice. The previous couple of days have not been simple on Nawaz. He has been profoundly disturbed by the impact the words in his account had on two of his female companions. Actually, his order over the English dialect is deficient, so maybe the diary ought to have been composed in Hindi. The extracts where he went into asserted points of interest of his associations with two female companions seemed to be boring and ought to never have gone into the book.”

The source included, “He never understood that his words would be taken so gravely. It was Anjali who advised him that amending the harm was certainly feasible. She proposed he apologize and pull back the book. What’s more, he did.”