Nazar: Mohana Hatches a Evil Plan; Aditya Goes Missing!

Star Plus’ Nazar is taking an emotional turn in each common scene. Featuring Monalisa, Niyati Fatnani and Harsh Rajput ahead of the pack jobs, the ongoing scenes of the show presented Ansh’s twin sibling Karan. In the show, Karan needs to bring back his better half and child from the stone structure they confronted in view of Piya’s mom Divya.

Karan effectively brings back his better half and child by making Piya and Aditya stone, trailed by a battle among Ansh and Karan. From what we hear, after extreme diligent work, at long last, Piya and Aditya will end up typical while another issue anticipates them.

About the up and coming track, we have heard that Ansh and Piya need to realize that how does Aditya carry on when he is kept with typical children of his age. Consequently, they send him to childcare from where Aditya disappears. A panicky Ansh goes wherever to look through his little one, it is additionally expected that Mohana is behind this. In any case, in a stunner, it is Aditya himself who uses his forces to flee from the childcare. At last, Aditya is found and the Rathod family chooses to tie a mystical memento in Aditya’s neck to keep his forces in charge.

Moreover, Mohana assaults Ansh and he tumbles down from a high rise. It will intrigue perceive how Ansh will shield himself from Mohana’s detestable plans.

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