Not Deepak, but rooting for Karanvir to win the show: Urvashi Vani

Urvashi who entered the show as Deepak’s other portion of vichitra jodi has done the best motion for Karanvir post her ousting from the Bigg Boss house over the Diwali unique end of the week. Urvashi as guaranteed to KVB, has watched a Bhai Dooj quick for Karanvir.

Bhaai Dooj has been commended with high spirits crosswise over India. Urvashi Vani enthusiastically shares, ‘a day or two ago Karan bhai and I were by and large talking about. He said he had a heavenly string which I could use to tie it around his wrist on Bhaai Dooj yet I was ousted before long. Keeping the guarantee, I watched a quick for him today and appealed to God for him. He’s the most delightful man in the house and a man of words. I really need him to win the show since he merits it, In truth my whole family and my state, we’re all pulling for bhaiyya.’

Bigg Boss house is an interesting spot, Urvashi strolled in with Deepak however such is where there are no lasting companions and neither foes, the connections are delicate and dependent on comfort. Before, the house has seen changing companionships and connections and furthermore some that proceed outside the show and house.

Monalisa, Manveer and Manu made for charming M3, while Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi’s trio was an uneven ride yet the three keep on being best of companions outside the house. Sovereign and Yuvika who got hitched as of late met first in the Bigg Boss where their adoration bloomed.

Karanvir and Urvashi’s is another unadulterated sibling – sister relationship that survived the trial of time where Urvashi isn’t supporting Deepak yet Karanvir.

She includes, ‘Deepak, Karan bhaiyya and I shared an incredible kinship in the underlying days however Deepak had some extremely terrible things to state to him. Karan bhai is extremely sympathetic and doesn’t put stock in holding feelings of spite. He’s likewise a family man and knows how to look after relations. I trust he wins the show.’