OMG! This actress’ house caught on FIRE

Performer Saumya Tandon otherwise known as Anita of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai was in for an unexpected astonishment as of late when she discovered that a flame emitted in her habitation.

Indeed! Believe it or not. A flame broke in one of Saumya’s rooms in the house yet luckily, it was splashed before it could cause some genuine harm or empower any setback.

Just Saumya endured minor consumes. The performing artist proceeded to post a picture clarifying what occurred and what are the two exercises she has gained from the episode

View picture on Twitter

View picture on Twitter

Saumya Tandon


Had fire in my home 😢, exercises learnt 1. Never lay down with liquit mosquito replant beside your bed particularly if it’s over take it off the switch 2. Never have free association things connected 3. Figure out how to utilize fire dousers infact purchase n keep it at home at this point.

All things considered, perusing and viewing the equivalent has positively taught her fans to be increasingly watchful themselves as well.