Pandya Store: Shiva and Raavi breakdown; Dhara to unite Shiva-Raavi?

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ has kept the fans entertained. The current track of the show revolves around a major showdown between Raavi and Shiva. Shiva questioned Raavi’s character as she has male friends. Raavi slapped him for going overboard. The matter came in front of the family and they were all shocked. Suman has announced that if Shiva and Raavi have so many issues than they should part ways. Raavi decides to leave the house but Rishita states that Shiva is the one who has done bigger mistake and he should leave the house. Suman aggress and asks Shiva to leave. Raavi states that the house belong to Shiva and now that the decision of separation is taken, she should be the one leaving the house.

In the upcoming episode, Krish drops Raavi at Prafulla’s house and tells her that she should return to Pandya niwas soon. Prafulla asks Raavi about the matter but she refuses to say anything and states that she wants to stay alone. Anita consoles her and asks her about the same but she doesn’t budge. Shiva and Raavi get emotional thinking about their situations.

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At the dinner table, Shiva arrives late, Dhara asks Rishita to serve food to Shiva. Rishita denies saying that she doesn’t respect Shiva as he crossed his limits by questioning his wife’s character. She states that if the same would’ve happened with her, she would’ve given divorce to Dev. Shiva leaves. Dhara tells Rishita that Shiva did a big mistake but separating ways is not the solution.

Furthermore, Dhara makes Shiva and Raavi meet and asks Shiva to apologize to Raavi.