Param Singh Falls off A Bike While Shooting For Haiwan!

Zee TV’s famous fiction show ‘Haiwan-The Monster’, has gotten a most loved among the watchers of the channel for its extraordinary and never-seen science fiction idea. The story rotates around two indistinguishable companions, Randhir (Param Singh) and Ansh (Ankit Mohan) whose fellowship is compromised when a bombed science try transforms Ansh into a Haiwan.

The watchers have been cherishing the character of Randhir as a researcher. Known for being timely on set, the entertainer met with a deplorable episode, harmed himself by tumbling off a bicycle yet kept on following his shoot plan.

Television on-screen characters work day and night to do equity to their character on day by day shows and Param’s devotion was plainly observed during the occurrence. Param stated, “I had a significant shoot in Filmcity and I was riding my bicycle when unexpectedly I slipped. Fortunately there were no huge wounds, yet I wounded my knee a lot. I knew how significant the shoot was and in light of the fact that we were taking shots at an open air area, I immediately found a workable pace directly to the shoot with the assistance of my group. The group got me some medical aid post the get together, we went to a specialist and I got analyzed completely for any genuine wounds.”

In any case, life for a TV cleanser entertainer just continues!

We wish Param a rapid recuperation and great wellbeing.