Priya injured while saving Ram from an accident; Ram expresses love to her in ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’

Sony TV show ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2′ has gained a loyal audience. The viewers are loving the complex love story of Ram and Priya. Ram and Priya are slowly and steadily coming closer. In the previous episodes, Vedika’s conspiracies failed as Ram’s misunderstanding regarding Priya got cleared.

Well, in the forthcoming episodes, Ram and Priya might once again be seen at loggerheads because of Priya’s brother. The fans can’t wait for Ram and Priya to realize their feelings for each other and express the same.

According to a recent promo, fans’ demand might get fulfiled soon as Ram would express his feelings for Priya. It will so happen that riya will save Ram from an accident and will get severely injured. Ram is shocked seeing Priya’s gesture. He panics seeing her condition and finally mutters the golden words ‘I Love You’.

Well, ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’ recently completed 100 episodes. On achieving the milestone, Nakuul said, ““Its definitely a milestone and the journey has been beautiful and exciting. Ram is a very special character and I have loved bringing him alive on-screen for the viewers. Through my travels in the last few weeks, it’s been overwhelming to receive the love I have been getting for the show be it London or Delhi. Grateful to the wonderful ensemble I get to jam with each day on set. I want to thank our fans for supporting our journey and for helping us reach here. Here’s to a hundred, even a thousand more episodes! May we always stay in the hearts of our audiences and may we keep giving them reasons to keep coming back to #RaYA.”