#PromoReview: This promo of KarnSangini makes us eagerly await the show to go ON-AIR

The story of Surya Putra Karn isn’t new for anybody. He was the ill-conceived child of Kunti and the senior sibling of the Pandavas, conceived with an inbuilt shield and kundals. In spite of the fact that he was their oldest sibling, he battled against the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war.

The narrative of Karn has been tried before in fanciful TV indicates like Mahabharat and Suryaputra Karn featuring Gautam Rode in the last in the main job. The show portrayed his account of how he turned into an undefeated warrior, his battles, and why he battled against his very own siblings in the war. Yet, one thing that stayed unexplored, was the story of his lesser known romantic tale with princess Uruvi.

Star Plus’ show KarnSangini means to feature the account of Karn(Ashim Gulati) and Uruvi(Tejasswi Prakash), and how she picked Karn over the relentless Arjun(Kinshuk Vaidya).

All things considered, the principal promotion of the show turned out a couple of days sooner, and we are as of now very awed with it. As of late, the producers discharged amazingly, one more promotion of the show, and here’s a little examination on it.

What is the promotion about?

The promotion demonstrates that Karn gets inside princess Uruvi’s royal residence without prmission and after that a little discussion among Uruvi and Karn happens, where Urvi requests that Karn engage her. To this, Karn answers that a bowman just knows arrow based weaponry. He at that point goes down on his knees and points his bolt at the sanctuary chimes and abruptly there’s a shower of blooms on Uruvi, and she noticeably appears to be hypnotized by him.

What we loved:

Indeed, even in the primary promotion we preferred the main looks of the considerable number of characters, and in this one as well, we think Tejasswi and Ashim look breathtaking. Tejasswi, as princess Uruvi is charming and extremely convincing, and Ashim as Karn looks great, yet somewhat vacuous.

What we didn’t care for:

Nothing we didn’t care for particularly, yet we feel that Karn and Uruvi’s science couldn’t prosper in the promotion. Be that as it may, we trust we’ll get the opportunity to see great on screen science between them when the how starts and we get the chance to observe more than what we find in the promotion.


All things considered, it would seem that a promising exertion to advance the unexplored adventure of Karn’s romantic tale. We can hardly wait to watch the show, or, in other words to dispatch on 22nd October.