Rabb Se Hai Dua: Gulnaaz and Ghazal to knit another conspiracy; will they be exposed?

Set against the backdrop of old Delhi, Zee TV show ‘Rabb Se Hai Dua’ focuses on the journey of Dua who is married to Haider. A pure soul and a very simple girl at heart, Dua feels extremely blessed and grateful as she is leading what she considers a perfect married life, until one day when Haider confesses to having fallen in love with another woman. He seeks Dua’s permission to marry her and she is left shattered. Whether Dua will grant Haider’s wish or stand up to her husband’s request for a second marriage and assert the appropriate interpretation of the Quraan Kareem.

The current track of the show revolves around Dadi being severely ill while Haider is upset with Dua. In the upcoming episodes, Dua gets emotional and talks to Dadi. She breaks down as she is unable to deal with negativity that Ghazal is spreading. She wants the family to be secured and be safe. Dadi responds while Dua is pleasantly surprised. Ghazal sneaks into Haider’s room and hugs him from behind. Haider feels it’s Dua.

Now, India Forums is back with an interesting spoiler update from the show. In the forthcoming episodes of the show, Ghazal and Gulnaaz will conspire against Dua and the family but someone will overhear the conversation. It will be revealed that Mumtaz heard the conversation and will get determined to expose them in front of Dua. However, they get to know about the same and they chase her so that they can spot her from revealing their plan to Dua.

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