Rabb Se Hai Dua: Ruhaan and Ghazal’s Nikah ceremony day

Today’s episode begins with the day of the Ruhaan and Ghazal Nikah’s ceremony day. While all the family members are talking to each other, Dua is standing there and says to herself that she can’t let Ghazal destroy her family. Guests come there and ask Dua why she isn’t ready yet and they all ask for Haider. Heena sees Dua and thinks about what she wants to do after all. Dadi Ammi says to herself that Dua should do something. Kaynaat and Ravi come to Dua to ask what they should do. Dua tells them Haider hasn’t been home all night, while Gulnaaz also gets tensed seeing Dua and feels sorry for her. Heena comes to Dua and asks her to stop what she is doing. Rahat asks Dua about Haider while Heena interrupts and says that he would be around.

On the other hand, Maulvi Ji asks Rahat to call the bride and groom while Ghazal is sitting in her room and happily seeing the video clip of her’s and Haider. Heena comes there and takes Ghazal down for the Nikah while Dua constantly tries to talk to Haider, but he is not ready to listen. Heena comes down and asks Haider to get Ruhaan. Gulnaaz interrupts and says that her family members haven’t arrived yet, so they should wait.

Haider goes upstairs to get ready while Dua stops him and tells him that she should, for once, listen to her. Dua goes to Dadi Ammi and asks for her blessings for what she is doing. Dadi Ammi blinks yes and prays for Dua. In the room, Dua takes out a key from Haider’s sherwani and says that this is the only way to stop the nikah.

Will Dua be able to stop Ruhaan and Ghazal’s Nikah?? Stay tuned and watch “Rabb Se Hai Dua”, produced by Prateek Sharma (Studio LSD)