Rajjo: Madhumalti announces Pushkar’s truth; gets him arrested

It is back with an interesting spoiler update from Star Plus show ‘Rajjo’. The current track of the show revolves around Rajjo’s mother Manorama missing. Rajjo is certain that Madhumalti is behind the same. However, she is unable to prove the same. Madhumalti and others are hell bent on proving Rajjo to be unstable. They intend to send Rajjo to mental asylum.

As informed by India Forums earlier, Rajjo gives Arjun a choice to go with her to find Manorama or believe what he’s made to see and stay back. Arjun ends up staying back and she feels he no longer supports her. Rajjo sets out alone into a remote village to find Manorama and gets trapped in a dangerous situation where Arjun comes in the nick of time. He consoles her that he would never let her go alone. Rajjo is devastated to find a bloodied shoe and she fears that Manorama is truly dead, but she gets startled when Manorama makes contact with her and reveals the truth behind the entire ordeal and pins the blame on Pushkar.

Rajjo gets to know the truth behind her mother’s past struggles and the identity of her father! Rajjo decides to hide the news from everyone until she finds proof to expose Pushkar. She believes Arjun too will not believe her without proof and doesn’t tell him.

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Now, India Forums has exclusively learned about the upcoming track of the show. As per sources, Manorama informs family about Pushkar being Rajjo’s father and had planned to kill Manorama. This will leave everyone shocked. Rajjo will be suspicious with Madhumalti’s actions as she is certain that she has conspired something along with Pushkar.

Furthermore, police will arrest Pushkar. Are you excited for the upcoming episodes of the show? Hit the comments section below.