Rajveer shows his support towards Ajooni in the upcoming episode of ‘Ajooni’

Television’s new offering Ajooni which is impressing viewers with its engaging and fascinating material is becoming everyone’s favorite entertainment destination. The enticing show ‘Ajooni’ has the viewers glued to their seats, and it is sure to catch viewers’ interest. In the upcoming episode will see Rajveer supporting Ajooni and standing up for her.

In the upcoming episode we see Ajooni lashes out at Sikha as she abuses Aman. Later when Ravinder urges Rajveer to punish Ajooni for her conduct with Sikha, Rajveer stands up for Ajooni. Rajveer supporting Ajooni leaves the family members in shock.

As the story is moving forward the viewers can see some strong bond and connection building between Ajooni and Rajveer. Will this bond turn into love? To know more about the upcoming drama and watch the story unfold further.