“Romil is the only one I wouldn’t want to stay in touch with,” Says WINNER Dipika Kakar!

They state there’s solitary one champ and well the person who left with the Bigg Boss 12 shinning trophy was none other than performer Dipika Kakar. A family unit look for the most recent decade, Dipika was first administering the perch as Simar in Sasural Simar Ka after which the performing artist was seen moving ceaselessly in Nach Baliye. Dipika did the unfathomable by venturing into Bigg Boss a very long time in the wake of having gotten hitched. What’s more, presently we have Dipika Kakar on the last place anyone would want to be…

Congrats on the success! The surveys on our site also anticipated that you were the victor. How was the voyage…

Much thanks to you! It’s been an extraordinary adventure and afterward obviously winning the trophy feels astonishing.

There were numerous charges on you including that it would appear that you are playing your character from Sasural Simar Ka. There are no goes up against your sibling…

I had said when I had gone into the house that I don’t have a technique and I will keep being the genuine Dipika. There’s an idea that Bigg Boss is just about battling and disparaging individuals. I talked when it was essential as opposed to giving individuals a chance to trample me and I am certain that my watchers think about this. I was certain that I didn’t have to continue rehashing myself multiple times and in the event that I said something once that was sufficient. I likewise realized that my trustworthiness would represent itself with no issue and that happened.

You coexisted well with Sreesanth. For what reason would you be able to make such an affinity with others?

Connections are two-sided and bhai responded similarly. In the event that I was unwell, bhai would be with me. On the off chance that I was disturbed, he would come and appease me. I am anticipating a deep rooted relationship.

Different competitors have referenced that you would be very unreliable about anything conversing with Sreesanth. You needed to be the just a single to deal with him.

Indeed obviously. He was alright with me and at whatever point he would be vexed or have a breakdown, he would himself say that you should just come to me. When I was feeling candidly low, I wouldn’t feel great addressing another person as after two days my tears would be called counterfeit in an undertaking. Henceforth, we both felt happy with letting our monitor down just before one another.

How was it to impart the main 2 to Sreesanth!

It was an extraordinary inclination! A couple of days sooner in the discussion assignment I had said that if there are two individuals who have the right to be in the main 2, that is me and bhai. What’s more, thus that was the proudest and most joyful minute for me. Holding his hand, closing the lights off in the house and strolling towards the best 2 – this is the thing that I had wanted!

Sometime in the past a major measure of cash was offered to leave the amusement. Were you sure that you will be the champ that you didn’t select to get the bag and leave!

I never let go of expectation that I can win! As I referenced before I was extremely fair in my voyage and I had confidence in my genuineness! I was certain that the gathering of people could see my genuineness and subsequently the folder case wasn’t a possibility for me.

What do you need to state about Sreesanth’s comment about you or Karanvir winning due to being Colors faces. How could he respond when you won!

He was extremely upbeat and he gave me a pleasant warm embrace and saluted me. I’m anticipating getting my hands on his telephone number and conversing with him for quite a long time talking about everything.

You have left the house with a trophy as well as a relationship. Had you at any point suspected this would occur…

Truly I share an excellent bond with Sreesanth and sincerely I didn’t have a senior sibling before him thus since place is satisfied in my life. He has truly dealt with me like a more youthful sister.

Who might you need to keep in contact with outside the house…

Certainly Sreesanth and I surmise any other person who calls me expect most likely Romil.

Ultimately what would you like to state to your fans who ensured Dipika was slanting so frequently when you were inside the house.

A major thank you to each watcher who has upheld me and comprehended me. It was a fight that I was battling alone inside me yet I couldn’t have won this fight in the event that you all weren’t outside supporting me and my family!