Sangeeta Adhikary to enter Zee TV show ‘Maitree’

Zee TV’s show ‘Maitree’ is set against the backdrop of Prayagraj. The show focuses on the exciting yet dramatic journey of Maitree (Shrenu Parikh) and her soul sister, Nandini (Bhaweeka Chaudhary). The two best friends have been inseparable since their childhood. While they are sure that nothing can break their friendship and that they will remain the best of friends even after marriage, it seems that life has its own plan for them and they are drifting apart under the most unusual circumstances.

India Forums had exclusively reported about an important track update from the show wherein Zaan Khan who plays the role of Saaransh in the show will mark his exit as his character will die. Now, India Forums has learned about a freah update from the show. The show will soon witness a new entry.

Popular actress Sangeeta Adhikary has been roped in to a pivotal role in the project. India Forums got in touch with Sangeeta for a confirmation on the buzz and she said, “Yes, I’m entering the show soon. My character name is Neelu and she is a very clever and colorful Mami of Nandini, she and her husband are trying to pocket the property of her sister in law. Neelu has two kids and both are busy in their lives but she wants to get all the property. The main agenda of my character is to make everything too colorful. I’ve started shooting and very soon my character will be introduced in the show which entertains the audience and causes lots of trouble in my sister in law (reel) Vasundhara’s life.”

She further added, “The most funny thing about my character is she have a signature dialogue (Takiyakalam) “Jhuth bolu toh kachuwa ban jaun, Jhuth bolu toh chipkali ban jaun” till now I had said these lines multiple times, last day I was at home and during some conversation I said same line to my husband (real) and he got shocked and laughed. Even when I realized, I laughed.”

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