Sanjog show lead actress Shefali Sharma shares lovely memories from her childhood

Shefali Sharma, the actress well known for portraying Bani in Bani-Ishq da Kalma, has been part of several successful movies like Toofan Singh, Sooran, and many more. Currently, she is cutting the arc perfectly as Amrita, the lead of the Zee TV show Sanjog. She goes over the memories from her childhood on Children’s Day.

Shefali, talked about that one childhood memory which stayed with her and helped her in life. “The best childhood memory of mine was the time that I spent with my grandparents and the full family.” I used to live in a joint family, and we used to have dinner together. We also used to have a lot of fun and joy. “The time with my grandparents was the best for me because once we grew up,”

Further taking the conversation, she adds, “We didn’t get that much time to spend with them, so the best memories are those of the time we spent with them during our childhood, listening to their bedtime stories and having that chitchat with them without any tension or stress.” We used to play and do lots of mischievous things. I used to enjoy how my grandparents used to do Nok-Jhok as husband and wife do, but cutely, not like how relations are today, and sleeping on the terrace with all my cousins. Also, one thing that has always stuck with me is that my father always told me, “We are middle-class people, and respect is everything to us, so whatever you do in life, never compromise on your values.” She ends.