Savita wouldn’t do something that is against Lakshmi Maa’s teachings: Geetanjali Tikekar of ‘Shubh Laabh’

Sony SAB’s Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein’s unexpected turn has stunned the audience as Savita (Geetanjali Tikekar) slaps Rohit (Mithil Jain) for making her do an interview where she is posing as ‘Savita Maa’, who treats people with her bhakti. However, Rohit continues to be in a denial and tries to convince his mother. This has made Savita extremely angry and hurt and so she leaves. She feels bad about Rohit’s actions and she apologizes to Lakshmi Maa (Chhavvi Pandey) on Rohit’s behalf.

The organizer demands Savita to do the interview as his money is on the line. But she refuses to do it because it is unethical. This will also lead people into thinking something she is not and decides that she will never do something like this. Annoyed with Savita’s words, the organizers threaten Savita and Rohit and eventually kidnaps Niranjan (Nasirr Khan). Savita is now in a dilemma, if she does the interview, it will be unethical and against her values and morals, but if she doesn’t, her husband’s life is in danger. With a heavy heart she does the interview, People are constantly asking her questions and she answers them with utmost honesty and basis whatever she has learnt from Lakshmi Maa. There comes a moment where she is asked to do a ‘chamatkar’ and this is where Savita breaks down. She tells the truth on live tv that she is no godwoman but a normal human who has done nothing special. As a result of this, danger continues to loom over Niranjan as he is still under the organiser’s trap.

Geetanjali Tikekar essaying the role of Savita, said, “This is a challenging time for Savita as her son has put her into a situation which had angered and distressed her to a great extent. She is an ardent follower of Goddess Lakshmi and her teachings and Savita as a person can never be a part of something that is against Lakshmi Maa’s teachings and her own values. It is only for her husband’s life that she decides to go ahead with the interview, but that unsettling feeling never went away and so she ends up telling the truth. There comes a point in real life as well when we stand at a critical juncture, unsure of which path to choose. Savita is also going through the same feeling. However, the real question is how will she save Niranjan? To find out please keep watching Shubh Laabh- Aapkey Ghar Mein.”