Sayantani Ghosh on Tera Yaar Hoon Main ending: That is the tough part of being an actor

Tera Yaar Hoon Main on Sony Sab has wrapped up and fans of the show sure have mixed feelings about it. India Forums got in touch with Sayantani Ghosh about the show wrapping up, what’s ahead, and what will she miss. Read the conversation here.

How was it shooting as Daljeet for the last time ?

It was a mixed bag of emotions , at times numb. Over a year of this journey and Daljeet and Sayantani blended into each other. But the journey has ended now and it’s bittersweet, sweet as the show TYHM and Daljeet specially has got so much love and sad because saying bye bye is always so difficult. That is the tough part of being an actor, you first have to become a character ,emotionally being in n then leave it all behind one day. You always have to leave behind a peice of your heart. Everyone was emotional on sets. The last shot to be shot was mine that made be very emotional. But we were all happy too as it was a beautiful journey and this will always have special place in our hearts.

What will you miss the most of the show ?

I will miss everything .. the whole process . Getting up, leaving for shoot, getting ready, wearing my short hairdo. The experience on sets, laughing between shots, being Daljeet. She is by far one of the most real and strong women character I have played. Will miss whole journey.

What will we see ahead?

Next, let’s see what life has to offer. As of now, spending some quality time with hubby, may be a mini honeymoon as covid situation is still bad so can’t plan a long one and then look forward to the next chapter in my life personally, and professionally.

India Forums wishes Sayantani all the very best ahead!