‘Shaurya Aur Anokhi…’ actor Anuj Kohli escapes drone bomb attack at the Jammu Air Base

Little did actor Anuj Kohli know that his time at the Jammu Air Base will turn into a nightmare and a massive scare where a drone bomb attack took place. As one would know, there was a drone bomb attack that took place in Jammu recently which startled many and Kohli is currently in Jammu at Army Kent staying with his relatives. They were just 50 metres away from where the explosion took place.

The actor is fortunately safe and went on to share a video about it as he said, “I am in Jammu right now. And as everyone knows that day before yesterday a drone attack took place here. Basically, a bomb blast happened via a drone. First of all, I wanted to inform everybody that yes I am safe and sound right now. But when this attack happened I was just next to it. Because I am right now staying in Army kent at my relative’s place. The next wall where I am staying in the Air Force base. Around 2 in the night it took place and I really panicked and couldn’t understand how to protect myself- should I just lie down on the floor or do what? I had never come across any such situation before.”

He added, “The explosion was so loud that we all got scared. But luckily by God’s grace, nobody was injured, not at the Air force or the Army ground as far as I am aware. I just want to tell everyone to be safe and stay alert. If you find something suspicious you should always address it. I really want to thank the people and my fans who are reaching out to me to know if I am safe? I am totally fine. I was just 50 meters away from the place where it happened.”

We are just glad that the actor is safe and sound along with his family and that nobody was affected in the mix.