Siddharth Nigam: I never memorize my lines!

TV sensation and style symbol, Siddharth Nigam who is charming his watchers and fans with his presentation in Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga has been a piece of media outlets since 2013. Siddharth, who is a commonly recognized name, shared his look change story which is as interesting as his adventure in the diversion world.

Siddharth expositions the job of the amazing character Aladdin in Sony SAB’s dream show Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna hoga and with the ongoing season revive, has wore the vibe of enchanting Prince Ali. From his affection for athleisure furnishes, in actuality, Siddharth changes into an illustrious character for the show with the correct outfits and cosmetics.

At the point when gotten some information about the procedure he experiences to change into Ali, Siddharth stated, “The way toward getting into the character isn’t tedious, I put on my outfit and ‘make-up dada’ deals with the cosmetics and sets the hair with gel. The best part about my outfit is that it is extremely agreeable and it has been intended to be activity grouping amicable. Solace is the thing that I first search for in any clothing. For Prince Ali’s character I’m likewise forming another haircut, a man bun with cut sides. Despite the fact that it should be kept up each week yet I’m appreciating this change. The look has a cutting edge insight thus does our show.”

Each character in a story has a specific style that their watchers relate them with. Siddharth sharing his idea on the equivalent, included, “Outfits assume a noteworthy job in characterizing a character and the craftsman also. Our watchers remember us in that clothing and look. As a craftsman, it encourages me get into the character. Sovereign Ali’s character is amazing and he originates from a regal foundation. So the look I’ve been conveying is sharp with brilliant hues, frill and a clean shaved perfect look. Watchers have truly valued my new look and I’m happy to get such a staggering reaction.”

The change isn’t just about the outfit and the cosmetics. The greatest test for a craftsman goes past that, and Siddharth concurred by saying, “As a craftsman, the ensemble and the cosmetics is the initial step while getting into the job. The more noteworthy test is to overlook myself once I enter the set. Any feeling that I’m conveying should be supplanted with what my character is feeling. It’s difficult yet it’s my activity as a craftsman. I unequivocally trust in keeping the feelings on-camera genuine and even hold back the utilization of activators to bring tears during passionate scenes. I never remember my lines yet experience them once and attempt to comprehend what the feeling and circumstance resembles while taking a gander at it from Ali’s point of view.”

Whenever inquired as to whether he identifies with his character on the show, Siddharth stated, “Ali and Aladdin are both hard workers and I am the equivalent in my life. I have a similar vitality like them.” The especially capable, Siddharth began his adventure as a kid craftsman while effectively advancing in individuals’ heart. He is devoted to his work and needs to continue developing as a craftsman.