Siddharth Nigam on Aladdin 2: He (Aladdin) Will Sport Cool Hairstyle & Clothes

Promontory Pictures’ generation Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga featuring youthful ability Siddharth Nigam in the main job and the stunning Avneet Kaur as princess Yasmine has won numerous hearts with it’s fun interpretation of the deep rooted dream story of Aladdin and his enchantment light.

Prior we detailed solely about the show experiencing a patch up soon. As indicated by our sources, the reestablished form will be bundled as Aladdin 2.

In an open talk with Siddharth Nigam, he imparted to us about subtleties of the redo, changes in his character and the playing a notorious character on screen.

Aladdin 2 is in pipeline, what changes would we be able to anticipate this time?

Till now Aladdin’s character has been appeared as a charming, delightful and carefree adolescent yet this time around watchers will see a few changes. As a matter of first importance, his name will change which will be uncovered in the show. Additionally Aladdin will show up in another look with new and cool hairdo and garments. The show will take a jump of one year and from this time forward the characters will be appeared minimal develop.

Your viewership is for the most part kids, do you feel they will appreciate the develop story that is going to come?

I didn’t expect in any case that the show will turn out to be such a colossal hit in light of the fact that a ton of components were there VFX, CGI what not. Individuals adored the Disney’s Aladdin before and cherished it. In our show we changed the characters and created them. We have attempted to keep it fun and light yet engaging as per our viewership. In this way, the adventure of Aladdin has been unique for me as I have taken in a great deal of new things. The best piece of the show is that we keep up a group and it resembles a family.

Did you watch Aladdin as a youngster? Did to attempt to duplicate any qualities that you found in kid’s shows or shows?

Truly, I have seen Disney’s Aladdin and I loved it a ton. The dreamland truly pulled in me. Truly, I endeavored to get some character characteristics from the shows and motion pictures, I attempted to watch their developments, responses and facial responses to make it look genuine. I attempted parody out of the blue so I endeavored to fabricate and build up my character.

About season 2, Siddharth said that it will merit viewing and the new bends will keep watchers stuck to their screens. Up to this point Aladdin has confronted a great deal, however at this point he will demonstrate who the genuine legend is.