Sikander to Organise a Musical Play to Bring Kulfi and Amyra Together

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala is one of the most well known shows on Star Plus. The show has accumulated a great deal of consideration and recognition, on account of the idea and exhibitions. Watchers are cherishing Sikander and Kullfi’s both on-screen and off-screen bond. Since its beginning, the show has figured out how to be in the TRP race. Presently, the coming scenes will see Amyra and Kullfi performing together for a play. Truly, you read it right! Sikander will investigate every possibility in joining the two his girls.

Sikander chooses to sort out a play for them, so as to bring them close. He meets a companion and reveals to him that he needs to make melodic play for his little girls. While Sikander attempts to persuade a financial specialist to put resources into his fantasy and guarantees him that he’ll satisfy his fantasy at any cost, another man catches the discussion and chooses to contribute for Sikander. He at that point takes the last to his assembly hall, which is very nearly shutting down and says that he has just a month’s a great opportunity to spare his place. Sikander additionally persuades his companion Peter to coordinate the play.

In the coming scenes, both Kullfi and Amyra will desire the tryouts alongside a few different children. Sikander has arranged everything except for he won’t demonstrate his relationship with the play and will watch Amyra from behind the window ornaments while her tryouts.

It will intrigue watch both the children performing for a play. What are your considerations? Tell us in the remarks beneath.