Supriya Pathak: Hansa is an epitome of hope in this world which is turning horrible

One of the most adored shows, Khichdi featuring Vandana Pathak, JD Majethia, Anang Desai, Rajeev Mehta, and Supriya Pathak is back on Television and we can’t be more joyful. The show gathered gigantic prevalence in 2002 and now is the same.

Veteran entertainer, Supriya Pathak talked about her character Hansa and will her character hold pertinence with the crowd following 10 years. She stated, “I think Hansa is an evergreen character and is constantly significant. Her guiltlessness is incredibly enchanting and the way that she is totally careless in regards to issues and lives right now of affection and bliss is an inclination that we as a whole interface with. She is an embodiment of expectation right now is turning horrendous.”

She included, “I figure individuals will appreciate viewing Hansa and will chuckle with her. I likewise love her character and couldn’t want anything more than to play it again even today.”

Khichdi is being re-run on Star Bharat in the first part of the day space and we can’t deny the way that the show has not lost its appeal.

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