Surbhi Jyoti Plays Cupid for Baseer-Lucinda, Announces First eviction of MTV Ace of Space 2

Baseer Ali has been getting eyeballs in the MTV Ace of Space house since day 1. This time as well, he stole the spotlight, and for all the correct reasons! Baseer has communicated his affection for the Australian magnificence Lucinda Nicholas inside the house. What appeared to be the cutest type of the proposition was Baseer admitting his sentiments in Hyderabadi which made Lucinda go aww over him. The two at that point chose to build up this bond in the days to come.

To top everything, TV on-screen character Surbhi Jyoti played cupid for Baseer Ali. Surbhi visited the contenders this week and signified all the vitality in the house. To zest up the designations during the current week, Surbhi spared two candidates from the expulsion procedure.

Surbhi shared her experience of going ahead the show for the subsequent time, “I had an astonishing knowledge, every one of the members were so great. They were all so glad to see another face following seven days from the outside world. Punch mein pehli baar aayi thi toh bahut saare log expel hogaye the aur unhe game khelna aa gaya tha,this time I have entered in the main week and individuals are extremely new, so they will set aside effort to gel up and comprehend the game. What’s more, I am glad to play cupid for Baseer and Lucinda, kuch acha kaam karne mein mazaa toh aata howdy hai.”

Be that as it may, not everything on the Mastermind’s home don’t remain hunky-dory for long! Vikas Gupta later declared the names of 3 hopefuls in the threat zone – Rohit, Nikita and Nasir. Who will say farewell in the principal week? By what method will Baseer-Lucinda’s relationship form in the coming days?

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