‘Taarak Mehta’s Shaikesh Lodha trolled for appearing on ‘TKSS’ after criticising it in the past

Comments made about others have such a short shelf-life these days where we have witnessed how an array of celebrities make comments about others only to contradict the same later. And while usually such comments are totally forgotten, we are living in the times of social media that doesn’t let one forget things so easily.

A recent promo of The Kapil Sharma Show witnessed actor and poet Shailesh Lodha coming in along with other poets like Sanjay Jhala, Mumtaz Naseem and Popular Meeruthi.

This led netizens to wonder how Lodha could appear on a show which he once criticised. An old video where he had done so is also doing the rounds on social media.

In the video, Shailesh is seen saying, “Main kuch karyakram dekhta hun toh mujhe sharam aati hai. Ek aisi dadi jo har vyakti ko choomna chahti hai, ek aisi bua jo shaadi ke liye betaab hai, ek pati jo apni patni ko prataadit karta hai. Main uss karyakram mein kaam karta hu jismein ek beta haar baat pe apne baap ke paon chuta hai (I feel ashamed to watch some shows where the grandmother wants to kiss everyone, a bua is shown to be desperate to get married and the wife is harrassed by the husband. Instead I work in a show where the son touches his father’s feet for everything).”

In the comments section, several users pulled him up for his hypocrisy and called him ‘dogla’. One user wrote, “Shailesh ji yea kya kiya aapne, jis show ke bare mai itna kuch bol dia, ab usi show mai aap chale gaye (What have you done, Shailesh Ji. You have appeared on the same show against which you spoke ill once).”

Another wrote, “Shailesh Lodha kese agaya is show par yeh toh bohut burai karta tha iss show ki paisa ache ache ko badal deta hai (How did Shailesh appear on this show he spoke so much against it…money changes everyone).

A user also said,”Ab ye bhi usi karyakram me ja rhe hain abhi ….. Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai (Now he is also going to Kapil’s show, there’s a limit to hypocrisy).

We wonder if Lodha will respond to the same.