Tantra to witness a major sacrifice! Niyati next in line?

Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s powerful family dramatization, Tantra has achieved its top with a noteworthy disclosure coming its way amid a course of the up and coming week.

Tantra will currently observe the hero Sargun Kaur on hold of losing her life to spare her family.

The heavenly spine chiller that rotates around a family seeing the fury of dark enchantment spell by an old adversary and the battle of the individuals to liberated themselves from it. The show went on air toward the end of last year and picked up force progressively with its intriguing interpretation of faction rehearses and a group cast. An ongoing expansion to the family was Dr. Ved Thapar who as of late entered their lives as God-sent and aides Niyati discover her approach to beat the insidious forces. This week is control stuffed with an edge of the seat story-line.

A source near the show includes, ‘Niyati came back from Tantra gaon with Guruji who has equipped her with a course to battle against the Tantra of the house. It involves 7 kaali raatein, in the event that she figures out how to kill the Tantra in next 7 evenings, the Tantra will be invalidated and her family spared. On the off chance that she doesn’t they all bite the dust. Be that as it may, whichever way she needs to forfeit her life to spare her family.’

The watchers beyond any doubt are left with numerous inquiries following this real achievement point on the show, ‘Will Niyati battle her own sister Kanchan to spare Prithvi Khanna and his family? As Sumati Khanna questions her expectations and deeds and despises Niyati, discover that what she is really doing will spare her life? Akshat is becoming hopelessly enamored with her and unconscious that these may be the last snapshots of Niyati’s life.?”

Questions are many, the truth will surface eventually what’s in store for the Khanna family. Will the Tantra of the house win or the Mantra of the Guruji? It just gets exciting1 Watch this space for additional!