Tejasswi Prakash: If someone tries to shame me or my body, it is not going to affect me

Tejasswi Prakash has been basking in the success of her Bigg Boss 15 win followed by her ongoing stint in Naagin 6. And while she has been receiving a lot of love, there’s also always the negative side to being under the limelight, and she recently opened up on being body-shamed.

During a conversation with ETimes TV, she said how body shaming happens with those who are thin too and how she has been receiving negative comments because of her weight.

She said,

”In life when you become an actor and you have money, you get tempted to work on your body, many times you get suggestions that do this to your body or do that. Do external surgeries or corrections to look perfect. To be honest, I feel that is an easy way out. You just spend money and get the flaws which might be on your face, body or wherever and then just maintain it. Not like I am judging anyone who does it but I feel it is an easier way out. I’ve always been a woman who has been extremely proud of how my body is or the way I was made by god. That’s how he wanted me to be. If people don’t like it I can’t help it, it is not in my hands to go and correct these things.”

Tejasswi believes that it is necessary to love oneself and how they are because how will anybody else love them if they don’t love their body. She said how she is confident of herself and if someone tries to shame her or her body, it wouldn’t affect her because she knows who and what she is.

Tejasswi also spoke about how she was tempted to spend money on her body during her initial days as she thought that is something everyone does but she told herself that what will be the difference if she ends up doing the same thing. She recalled how her mother once told her that people who affect you should be the ones who love you, whose opinion matters to you.

She added,

”Fortunately, my parents love the way I am, my friends have never found any flaw in me. My boyfriend loves me for being ladoo. (Laughs). Why do I change myself just because I don’t fall in this typical, perfect, hourglass shape body. Because it is perfect according to them and not as per you.”

Well, you do you is the way to go, for everything, isn’t it?