The Hand Revealed: Anupamaa’s mother will come in to support her

The current promo in Anupamaa suggestedthat Anuj and Anupama are at loggerheads due to the separation from Choti Anu; both of them are devastated and shattered by the unexpected turn that has come in their life and the current track revolves around Anupama, Anuj, and Maya.

Maya’s entry has created a stir in the lives of the family members. The audience has witnessed high-voltage drama in the show since it aired on television. With every new episode of Anupama, the audience anticipates twists and turns in the lives of their favourite characters from the show Anupama. Viewers relate the events in the front with their real-life circumstances.

Now there’s a good amount of buzz around the show yet again; where with the exit of Anuj from Anupama’s life, will the audience get to see a new character in her life? There have been a lot of speculations that a new character to be introduced in Anupama’s life.

A promo of the same was also released where the hand of an unknown person is seen on Anupamaa’s shoulder. We now bring you exclusive news that no new character will be introduced, and instead it will be Anupamaa’s mother will come in to support her. The re-entry will be optimistically altering the life of Anupama, being a support system to her and removing her from the dark phase that Anupama has encountered.

As an audience, we cannot wait to witness a new twist in Anupama’s life.