This EXPECTATION v/s REALITY of ‘Bepannaah’ is as true as it could be!

Bepannaah on Colors is a standout amongst the most adored shows, affability the leads Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopda. While the fans are cherishing the way the plot is just turning all the more charming with each passing day, looks like there is something that has ended up being baffling for them.

What’s more, the reason for their mistake is none other that Aditya and Zoya, for the groups of onlookers have barely observed any serious sentimental minute between the two. However, what they have rather is Noor (Aanchal goswami) and Arjun’s (Shehzad Shaikh) or Aditya (Harshad) and Mahi’s (Vaishnavi Bhardwaj) minute.

Presently, seems as though somebody splendidly summed their mistake in one of the desire v/s reality image!

Ends up being very on point, isn’t that right?