TRP Toppers: With No Original Programming, We Have Channel Ratings That Broke Records

The statement of unique programming finished a week ago as inferable from the way that there are no shoots continuing during this lockdown period, channels are at present airing reruns of past shows and rehashes of on-going ones.

In any case, the channel evaluations that have come in are to be sure record-breaking, no doubt. The general utilization of TV seeing has shot cosmically and guys have entered the segment of expending more TV time than females.

Here are the Top 5 channels with their numbers according to 1000s-

On the fifth spot is Dangal TV. Typically not even in the conflict with its unique programming, the reruns and other mainstream shows being on-air on this channel have prompted the channel achieve huge numbers getting with 269 impressions.

Getting the fourth spot great is Star Plus and this channel had a diverse assortment of as of now running shows alongside different shows that went off-air. The channel snatched 312 impressions.

Sony TV has been one of the main channels to adjust to the stop of orignal programming and had a portion of its recently hit shows returning on-air. With 364 impressions, it gets the third spot.

Hues TV just figured out how to have an edge over Sony TV and is on the second spot with 373 impressions.

In any event, when unique writing computer programs is going on, the reruns of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah that goes on nearly all through the whole day gets better than average numbers. But at this point, with no other new substance, the reruns of the show for the duration of the day and different shows on their apportioned vacancies have brought about humongous numbers for Sab TV as it beat the graphs with a decisive victory of 541 impressions.

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