#TuesdayTrivia: Did You Know THIS Zee TV’s Show’s Lead Role Was Played by Twin Sisters?

Do you recollect Zee TV’s Aap Ki Antara? Created by Drishtant Media, this cleanser kept running from 1 June 2009 through 18 February 2010. This day by day cleanser was one of those demonstrates that managed social issues. What’s more, their attention was on the issue of mental imbalance. It was one of those demonstrates that featured the idea on little screen out of the blue. The show achieved such prominence that later on it was broadcast on Zindagi channel and furthermore was named in English and publicized on Zee World.

While the group of onlookers was enamored with this out of the crate idea, the character of Antara was played by two kid performers and not one. Confounded?

Gives us a chance to clear your perplexity. The character of Antara Verma, who was influenced by Autism and was the hero of the show was played by Zaynah Vastani. She has a twin sister named Ziyah Vastani, who likewise used to shoot for the character on occasion when Zaynah was wiped out or had earlier commitment. They are indistinguishable twins and in this manner it didn’t influence the show or the watchers never felt the yank. In a way it really was great done by the producers to diminish the weight of the kid stars.

In the interim, Ziyah made her Bollywood make a big appearance in 2008 with Hindi film Contract. She additionally played Rimzim in Hindi film Bumm Bole.