TV Host Mini Mathur says her kids are quite balanced about limelight and exposure

TV moderator Mini Mathur, whose movement stories of Europe with her 7-year-old little girl, will be exhibited in a 10-section arrangement “Scaled down Me” on the little screen, says both her kids are not antagonistically influenced by the presentation they get because of their big name guardians.

Small scale, who is hitched to well known movie producer Kabir Khan, has two children,daughter Sairah and child Vivaan, 13.

The developing paparazzi culture has put the focus on VIP youngsters in showbiz more than ever.

Most VIPs attempt to shield their youngsters from the spotlight, so what influenced Mini to do a show with her young one?

“At the point when my children were little, every celeb would keep their children from the glare of the cameras and would shield their photos. However, this is 2018, and Taimur Ali Khan has a major after, and all youngsters have their Instagram accounts.

“We would keep running behind on the off chance that we felt that by not putting their appearances on camera, we would spare them from the presentation. To the extent my children are concerned, everyone who gets back home is a TV or a film star in this way, my children are exceptionally adjusted. On the off chance that I knew it would influence them in any case antagonistically, I would not endeavor it.”

Her show “Smaller than usual Me”, to air soon, grandstands the mother-girl pair traverse various nations in Europe, attempting sustenance stops and doing some not all that touristy things.

In the one of a kind travelog, they will be seen going through Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Spain.

The show is likewise delivered by Mini Mathur.

She says it was “overwhelming” and was an intense learning process.

“Be that as it may, it felt like I went to film school,” she joked.